KSSL Services

Kissan Support Services Limited provides the following services to the Bank:


Provision of man power

HR Department is set up to fulfill the human resource requirements of ZTBL. The man power that the KSSL is to provide to ZTBL includes Clerical Staff (Assistants & Senior Assistants), Drivers, Masons, Carpenters, Technicians, Guards etc. Provision of Advisory/Consultancy Staff, in order to facilitate operations of the Bank, is also the responsibility of the HR department. KSSL is responsible for providing the requisite man power not only to the Head Office but also to the Branches and Zonal Offices of ZTBL. Compiling and maintaining the data of the entire man power of KSSL is also done by HR Department.


Security Services

Providing security services to ZTBL is a non core activity of the Bank which is given to KSSL. To execute this responsibility, KSSL has its Security Department whose responsibility is to undertake security measures for the protection of ZTBL’s assets, employees and material. This department also maintains effective liaison system with Zonal Offices, Staff, Customers, Government & Intelligence Agencies, and other Regulatory Bodies. Physical monitoring by patrolling and check system, CCTV link up system, and control room system are also developed by the Security Department of KSSL in order to provide full proof security to the Bank.


Administrative Services

Some of the administrative services were also handed over to KSSL by the Bank as its noncore activities. These services include:



ZTBL has been involved in different games activities and tournaments at national level. Being its noncore activity, the Bank handed over this responsibility to KSSL. To carry out sports activities, KSSL has developed sports department whose duty is to arrange participation of ZTBL teams of cricket (men & women), Shooting Ball, Squash (Men & women), Football, Tennis (men & women) and Golf at national level tournaments organized by PCB and different Sports Federations of Pakistan.

KSSL sports department also arranges Inter Regional/Inter Department competitions to promote sports and recreational activities for Bank employees. Training camps are also arranged for the players in order to keep them fit, physically as well as mentally.