Camel Rearing Scheme

Source: ZTBL Agri.Business Supplement Feb 2016

Camel has great importance in sense of transportation and eating purposes. Hence with the objective to support Government' efforts to boost up economic growth as well as alleviate rural poverty & in line with Banks' policy to find out geographical priority areas of financing, the Bank has launched the captioned scheme in camel rearing areas across the country. The scheme has been launched in branches under Bahawalpur/ RahimYar Khan/ Jhang/ D.G. Khan/ Mirpur Khas/ Sukkur/ Hyderabad/ D.I.Khan/ Quetta & Islamabad zones. The loan is secured against all types of securities acceptable as per policy of the Bank. All creditworthy farmers are eligible for loan and it is recoverable within 2 years in lump sum but not earlier than one year of disbursement. The insurance of animal is mandatory and shall be arranged by Bank through insurance companies.
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Pesticide: .a substance used for destroying insects or other organisms harmful to cultivated plants or to animals.

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