Aims of Agriculture Technology Division(ATD)

To provide opportunity for farmers to upgrade from subsistence agriculture to commercial agriculture by disseminating and inducing modern viable agricultural technology and knowledge base of the farming community, introducing latest production efficiency techniques/methods, credit delivery with proper technical advice and arranging formal and informal farmers trainings & technical programs.

Objectives of Agriculture Technology Division(ATD)

  1. To identify and develop production technology packages for various crops.
  2. Disseminate up to date technical knowledge and professional skills to the farmers so as to increase the productivity and income of farming community.
  3. To monitor operations of the Bank for taking corrective measures.
  4. Development of business relationships with Provincial Agriculture Technology Departments and allied offices.


Moisture Tensiometer: An instrument which measures the tension with which water is held by soil.The instrument canbe used for estimating when to irrigate land and for detecting drainage problems.